Voice Services

Depending on your business, size and industry, there are different voice solutions available to connect you to people you work with as well as your customers. There is a solution to every needs of your business, whether you need a basic line for your security alarm, and a multi line connection to handle complicated requirements, we are there to set you up on the way you need it.

Basic Business line

Business lines are the most inexpensive of all access services. It is good for:

  • A secondary or extra phone line
  • Sending and receiving faxes
  • Setting up a point-of-sale system
  • Compatibility with an existing alarm system


Mega-Link ( ISDN PRI)- is a digital voice service that allows for 23 simultaneous calls on a single trunk. It means fewer connections are required and calls are completed faster, saving you time and money.

  • Bell Megalink Service also minimizes the hardware cost of your equipment, as one digital card replaces as many as 24 analog cards.
  • Megalink service is ideal for medium to large PBX customers who need simultaneous transmission of voice, data and video communications over a single line. You can phone and fax even when you’re online.
  • There are many rich features that comes with the service, including Name and number display, The Release Link Trunk, fail-over and flexible call routing system.

Local Link

  • Fully- featured business lines
  • A primary phone line
  • Multiple core calling features, such as voicemail and call transfer, caller ID, hunt group set up, and so on.

SIP Trunking

Bell SIP Trunking provide more flexibility and simplicity in managing your network, it also provides the foundation for the deployment of on-premise or network-based UC applications, while offering a lower overall cost of ownership and return on IP technology investments.

Bell Total Connect.

Communication gets better- Now, no need for expensive phone system.