Founded in 2007, 10 years ago, Providence is communications and IT consulting company representing Bell Canada as a Certified Partner” to market Bell Business Solutions to the business community. Our solutions and approach begins with consultation on existing services, such as cost analysis on telephone line, internet and connectivity, through to design and implementation of customized data circuits, long distance packages and high speed internet service.

Over the years, we have remained committed to our partners, customers and our people. We have supported our clients in making investment decisions in regards to their telecommunication infrastructure. We strive to be the best solution provider from the perspective of customer support, solution architecture and distribution for customers seeking cost minimization for their requirements. To achieve our mission, we believe that integrity, product knowledge, quality, and quick responsiveness will the keys to our success.

We focus on building premier customer relationships with companies requiring immediate attention when needed in order to ensure their business continuity.

Our Vision

Providence’s vision is to continuously push the boundaries in turnkey telecommunication solution, IT support, and to assist companies to make that critical decisions relating to their IT and telecommunication solution.

Our Mission

  • To be best telecommunication consulting company, serving our customers in the most innovative way, ensuring customer and our people’s satisfaction at all levels of our business.

Our Goals

  • To constantly evaluate, improve our business process and to ensure our long-term goals of sustained growth and technological innovation within our technological niches.